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Induction Tooling, Inc is one of the most respected names in inductor design and fabrication. Serving the automotive, aerospace, medical, mining, agricultural and metals industries, our decades of experience and diverse expertise make us a trusted resource.

Who We Are at 50 percent


Our vision is to be the most innovative and reliable source of induction tooling worldwide.


Our mission is to invent, engineer and build tooling in which we continually improve and to provide a superior product to satisfy our customers.


Our goals are to provide technical service at a fair price, to develop new processes, to initiate learning, to recruit talent and to persevere for continued growth with discipline and responsibility.

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All employees will treat co-workers with respect and dignity without harassment; language that is used to embarrass, ridicule, or degrade any person shall not be tolerated.


Each employee will utilize their time productively and take pride in their work with intent to fully earn their wages; excessive unnecessary social interaction, work interruptions, and lack of attention to the job is discouraged.


Each individual is a vital part of the Company. Working together for a common purpose promotes efficiency, productivity, and creates an environment that encourages learning, sharing of ideas, teamwork, and equality.


The Company expects each employee to perform his/her assigned duties at or above satisfactory levels. Honesty and integrity in timekeeping are essential.


It is the Company’s philosophy to constantly improve the system of production and service.  Skills training, furthering education, and demonstrating personal initiative is encouraged.

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