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Bill Stuehr CEO

William Stuehr

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John Chesna
General Manager

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David Lynch
Vice President, Engineering

Mike Ziebert

Mike Ziebert
Design & Sales Specialist

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John Gadus
Design & Sales Specialist

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Ken Mihaly
Production Supervisor

Sandy Midea

Sandra Midea
P.E. Metallurgist

Sherry Stuehr

Sherry Stuehr
Director of Human Resources

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Induction Tooling, Inc. began as an idea in 1975 when Bill Stuehr, now President/CEO of the Corporation, was working as a process design engineer with a local heat-treating company.  At that time, several customers requested specific tooling to meet their heat treat needs.  These requests were rejected by management, but not by Bill!

In January 1976, Bill began Induction Tooling in his parents’ 400 square foot garage and began a journey of discovery.  He delivered his first specially designed tooling in April 1976 and soon moved into a rented space in North Royalton, Ohio.

In 1981, Induction Tooling became an Ohio Corporation and in 1984 Bill purchased a 6,000 square foot building.  As the customer base expanded more employees were hired and in 1994 Bill doubled the building space to 12,000 square feet.

In December 2005, Bill opened the doors to a new 30,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility located at 12510 York-Delta Drive, North Royalton, Ohio, Induction Tooling’s present location.

In 2007, another 2,100 square feet was added to house a Metallurgical Laboratory that complements our Induction Testing Laboratory.  Since then, Induction Tooling, Inc. has become both ISO 17025 and 9001-2015 Certified.

The tremendous growth and success the Corporation has experienced as well as its potential to move forward is a result of talented and dedicated employees.  The daily efforts and commitment of the employees both to meet customer needs and to achieve challenging business goals have resulted in making Induction Tooling, Inc. an industry leader.

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