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Induction Tooling’s Metallurgical Lab is A2LA Accredited and performs testing to industry specifications by our Metallurgical Team.   Detailed internal procedures are observed to ensure efficient order processing and the reliability of test results.

Induction Tooling is proud of the methods we use to evaluate your parts and the extent of communication we have with our customers.

For most metallurgical evaluation projects, we follow these steps.

  • Visual Analysis – First we check that no readily observable cracks or issues such as overheating are present in the part before we begin to do any additional evaluation. This may include sending photographs of any issue to our customers for discussion.
  • Initial sectioning and etching of the part to determine the shape, location and depth of the induction heating pattern. This second phase will often reveal if the part will not meet specification. If this is the case, no additional time will be sent on the project without prior approval of our customers. We can discuss process changes that can assist with getting the pattern into specification or other modifications that might be required.
  • If the pattern meets specification, additional testing such as effective case depth by microhardness and/or metallographic evaluation for microstructure and grain size can be conducted.
  • If a formal report is desired, it is prepared to ISO 17025 requirements. Since the lab operates as a separate group and is accredited by A2LA, ITI’s Met lab functions as a commercial testing lab.

Please contact us to discuss your projects.

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