New Induction Tooling & Tooling Repair

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New Induction Tooling & Tooling Repair

Induction Tooling, Inc. not only specializes in the design, build and repair of selective hardening quick change inductors, but we also work with all types of tooling for the induction heat treating industry, in all frequency ranges, at all power levels. Let us design the perfect solution for your project.

Induction Tooling, Inc. offers the following tooling services:

  • Design, build, and repair induction tooling commonly used in the heat treatment of steel.
  • This includes inductors, bus bars, quick-change adapters, quenches and related tooling.
  • Reverse engineer, document, build and/or repair existing tooling with improvements.
  • Magneto dielectric and silicon steel lamination flux intensifier application assistance.
  • Highest quality and dimensional accuracy to ensure consistency and offer best performance.
  • Maintain accurate controlled documentation compliant with various quality systems.
  • Continuous improvement philosophy.

New Tooling

Tooling Repairs

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Before & After Repair 2
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