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John Gadus Celebrates 25 years at Induction Tooling

Congratulations John!

John Gadus celebrated 25 years at Induction Tooling on April 15, 2021. John’s title is “Design and Sales Specialist” however, his talents reach far beyond this title. For example:  John is a 3D printing specialist,  a wind energy bearing specialist, automotive bearing specialist and much more. Persevere John!

Mike Ziebert celebrates 30 years with Induction Tooling

Congratulations Mike!

Mike Ziebert celebrated 25 years at Induction Tooling on May 13, 2021. Not only is Mike an excellent “Sales and Design Specialist” but also, he excels in his role as: customer fireman, advertising strategist, shipping coordinator and part-number memory expert. Congratulations Mike!

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